Clas Ohlson

Älskade Prylar

A history podcast about all the gadgets we've loved, and the unique stories behind them.

The podcast Älskade Prylar is a deep-dive into all the gadgets that we have loved, lived with, worn out, and dreamed about in modern history. And through the lens of those same gadgets, we also get a unique window into how Swedish society has evolved throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

In ten episodes, Älskade Prylar travels from decade to decade to celebrate the centennial anniversary of hardware store chain Clas Ohlson and the gadgets that improved our lives.

Älskade Prylar is hosted by Malin Åkersten and her father Ulf, a true history buff and also the mind behind the podcast Den Blå Hästen. To read more about the podcast and listen to all episodes click here.


Älskade Prylar

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