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WWF Documentary series – Under Ytan

Mohamed El Abed and Martin Johnson developed and produced WWF documentary series ‘Under Ytan’ (Below the surface), a part of WWF’s campaign about the world oceans during fall 2016. In this award winning documentary, you hear from people working to solve the environmental issues affecting our oceans.


‘Under Ytan’ exposes how the Swedish oceans are moving and take your eyes and ears to the ice cold arctic. We end up in the tropical coral reefs of Madagaskar. In five episodes we guide the listeners and explain why the situation is alarming – many species are endangered. We also discuss what we can do to help save the eco systems we humans are so dependent on.


WWF’s podcast ‘Under Ytan’ was given best podcast award at the ‘Svenska Podcastpriset 2016’ in the NGO category.


To listen to the series and find out more:  http://www.wwf.se/raddahaven/havskampen-menu/podd/1600597-rster-om-havet