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The Gadgets we love – A historical podcast about the gadgets we love

The Gadgets we love – A historical podcast

We dive into the gadgets we love, used and have dreamt about for the last 100 years. We analyze the impact these gadgets have had over the last century and how they have changed our lives and our society from a historical perspective. Each of the 10 episodes  focuses on one decade – starting in the 1920’s and leading up to our present time. The podcast is produced in collaboration with retailer Clas Ohlson, in celebration of their 100th birthday as a company in Sweden. The podcast is hosted by Malin Åkersten and Ulf Åkersten, known from the famous Swedish podcast ‘Blå Hästen’.


Listen to Älskade Prylar: https://www.acast.com/alskadeprylar