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Bli inte blåst! – AP7

Is the name of the campaign (Don’t get scammed) that Soundtelling produced together with Futurniture for AP7. In this documentary series we reveal and highlight the issues with unreliable premium pension advisors that try to sell you their services and manage your premium pension funds to an unsuspecting public.

Half a millions Swedes feel they have been fooled by telemarketers who offer to take care of their premium pensions. These unreliable sales reps have many tricks to lure their customers, convincing people to invest in funds with extremely high fees. In an integrated campaign using social media, ads and the campaign site www.bliinteblast.se people can discover the attempts to fraud and we learn how to confront these telemarketers with arguments and facts.

An instrumental part of the campaign ‘Bli inte blåst’ is the critical podcast documentary Premiepensionsblåsningen , that we at Soundtelling developed and produced together with Futurniture.

Learn more about the campaign here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvHdrcp5rtw