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Soundtelling is a content agency focused on storytelling radio and podcasts. We help brands with concept development, production, strategy and distribution of stories that invite listeners to immerse themselves in their brand.

Martin Johnson

Co-founder and Executive producer

martin@soundtelling.com | +46 739 26 19 27

Martin is one of the founders and an executive producer at Soundtelling, Martin is internationally acclaimed award winning producer at Soundtelling. Martin has worked for SR, NRK, RTE and BBC. Martin produced the award winning documentary series 'Under ytan' for WWF focused on environmental challenges in the oceans around the world. Johnson's programs have aired around the world from Australia to Canada and the US. He has also co-produced and is the host of investigative podcast 'Spår'. Spår triggered a retrial for a Swedish murder case and got a man out of prison after 13 years creating headlines around the world including BBC, Newsweek and The Times.

Mohamed El Abed

Co-founder and Executive producer

mohamed@soundtelling.com | +46 70 456 79 55

Mohamed is one of the founders and executive producer at Soundtelling. Mohamed is the host and co-producer of the international success podcast 'Showcase Secrets' for PRX Radiotopia, in Sweden he has produced several successful podcasts.
He has a background working with urban planning and from cultural sector.

Andres Moreno

Co-founder and CEO

andres@soundtelling.com | +46 704 44 27 27

Andres is one of the founders. Andres has worked with communication and business development for over 19 years in senior roles internationally with Viacom and ITV Studios, responsible for clients such as Nike, Coca Cola, Volkswagen and P&G. In recent years, Andres has worked as a consultant for brands such as Paris Saint Germain, Red Bull and Titan and Nice entertainment group where he oversaw the branded entertainment division.

Sofia Neves


sofia@soundtelling.com | +46 732 53 58 39

Sofia is an experienced radio journailst with several years of experience from Swedish public service radio. She has produced shows such as 'Friend Crush' for SR Drama P1 and 'Vi liftade hem' for P4 Dokumentär. She also co-produces and co-hosts the popular BFF-podcast and produced season 2 and 3 of the 'Equalizer' podcast for Spotify.