We make podcasts

Mötespodden (Meetings) – A podcast by Scandic Hotels

This podcast focuses on meetings between people, inside and outside workspace. We discuss topics such as workfulness, […]

Folkoperan, The Opera Podcast: Special episode ‘Salieri, Mozart och Avundsjukan’

The Opera podcast episode 31 deals with the mechanisms of envy and the legendary relationship between Mozart […]

Secrets – a podcast by Radiotopia Showcase

Secrets explores the secrets we keep in our lives, and the overwhelming complexities of being a human being. […]

Fjaestad/Pettersson a podcast by LO and Kommunal

The Fjaestad/Pettersson podcast is a political podcast about the latest news, the hottest political reports and the […]

The Gadgets we love – A historical podcast about the gadgets we love

The Gadgets we love – A historical podcast about the gadgets we love In this podcast we […]


Poddisterna –  A podcast about the Swedish podcast industry In this program series we meet the people who […]

Digital Animo

Digital Animo is a podcast that emphasizes on the human being in the digital evolution. Animo stands […]

ASICS Podcast

What is it that drives top athletes to always perform at their very best? What does it […]

Matlaboratoriet KTH Openlab

Soundtelling has developed and produced the podcast Matlaboratoriet (Food Lab) presented by KTH Openlab. The podcast is […]

Bli inte blåst! – AP7

Is the name of the campaign (Don’t get scammed) that Soundtelling produced together with Futurniture for AP7. […]

WWF Documentary series – Under Ytan

Mohamed El Abed and Martin Johnson developed and produced WWF documentary series ‘Under Ytan’ (Below the surface), […]


Serendipity is radio drama for the 21st century. Presented by your hosts Ann Heppermann and Soundtellings Co-founder […]

Podcasten Spår

Martin Johnson is the producer and co-host together with Anton Berg. They produce the investigative storytelling podcast […]

Voices From Stockholm

A audio dialog project for the Stockholm County Council on future regional planning. We produce interviews with […]

Pay It Forward

Mohamed El Abed hosted and produced the podcast series, Pay It Forward – an inspirational podcast with […]

Tempo Audio Nights

In collaboration with the Tempo Documentary Festival we arrange Tempo Audio nights with known and unknown radio […]